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Need an Architects Certificate Issued Retrospectively?


Watson Stirrup Architects provides certification services for new-build homes. Our service is beneficial to developers/professional builders who build a small number of properties, but who do not meet NHBC certification eligibility. We are able to issue these certificates retrospectively following completion of the build.


What is it?


The certificate issued is in the format of the 'Council of Mortgage Lenders Professional Consultants Certificate'. You can see an example of the certificate on the following link under England and Wales: Click Here

The certificate is then branded with our logo and company details etc., and signed by a qualified member of our firm.


What are the advantages of obtaining this certificate?


This form of the certificate has been pre-approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The main advantage is that the majority of lenders will offer a mortgage against it.(1) This can prove extremely valuable if;  you are selling the property and the purchaser needs a mortgage; you wish to raise a Buy-to-Let mortgage against the property.


How long is the certificate valid for?


The certificate is valid for 6 years from date of issue and is transferable to any future purchasers of the dwelling.(2)


Which documents do you require?


• A copy of the project drawings

• A copy of the planning consent

• A copy of the building regulations completion certificate

• A copy of the gas and electrical completion certificates

• Any photos you have of the project during construction

 (All of the above preferable on disk or email in pdf format). 


Is there anything else you require?


We will require the following details:

• The person or company name the certificate is addressed to:

• The address of the property to be certified:

• Your correspondence address:

• Your contact number:

• Your email address:

• The details of the person to which our invoiced should be addressed:


What happens next?


As part of the service we will:

• Check the plans and technical details of the project.

• Conduct a thorough site survey.


How much does it cost?


The certificate fee is £1500.00+vat per dwelling.(3)

There is a one-off document checking and site inspection fee of £500+vat (4) 


When will the certificate be issued? 


Once the documents and details listed above have been checked; the survey has been conducted and found to be satisfactory; the fees have been paid, we will then issue our certificate.


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